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BPAL wishlist....

I guess I need one 'o these things....

My big wish is ....More Minotaur (yeah, I have 1 1/2 bottles...but I wear it alot!-someone frimped me a glass wand top and guess what bottle it got put on!)
Underpants (of course) but I've around 1/2 bottle left and can survive on that for now.
Snake Charmer (of course...again) and ditto on the 1/2 bottle left...but I use this one
more than Underpants so it will go pretty fast!

I need another bottle of Mr. Ibis (am giving the one I have to sis for Christmas as it smells just like her signature scent Ambrosia by Song of India--and I think she'll get a kick out of having a scent from a line based on Neil Gaiman's work!) But I want one for myself as well.

GCS--(I have bits left of all these--they are very nice!)

Fenris Wolf (my bottle is low :-( )
Shub Niggurath (still have plenty left but its the holidays again and I love this smell for the cold weather!)
The Witch Queen (a very womanly lovely scent!)
Rose Cross (have in imp not bottle, but very nice!)

Ones I haven't tried--

Schrodinger's Cat
any of the new GCs
(I'll have to work on the rest of this non-tried list....I've tried so many!)

And anything that's resinous (combinations with rose/musk/etc are nice!)

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