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Bad teacher ju-ju

I know that bunches of you here are on fountaingirl's f-list...(in fact I ganked this from wretchmuffin) but I thought I'd repost it for those of you who aren't.....

Some teachers are jerks--reposted from fountaingirl
Maybe I'm taking this a little personally because next year my son will probably be in kindergarten (and I'm wondering if I'm "tiger mom"-ing [as one of you describes it] by proxy), but here's your Bad Teacher story of the week.

In brief, Wendy Portillo had a five year old kindergartner stand up in front of his classmates and have them tell him what they didn't like about him and then "vote" him out of class. Kid likely has Aspberger's. Kid is five. Wendy Portillo is a Bad Teacher and should probably find work in a different field.

I know it's a holiday weekend and all, but if you could take some time to be outraged over the internet or with a real live letter?
Here are the relevant contacts:

*Morningside Elementary School Principal:*
Mrs. Marcia Cully
(772) 337-6730

*St. Lucie County Schools Superintendent: *
Michael J. Lannon
4204 Okeechobee Road
Ft. Pierce 34947-5414
Phone: 772/429-3925
FAX: 772/429-3916
e-mail: lannonm@stlucie.k12.fl.us

*St. Lucie County School Board Chair:*
Carol Hilson

*Vice Chair:*
Judith Miller

I've actually thought about the fact that there may be more to this than is being revealed at the moment, but the teacher confirms the heart of the story: that she had five year old children "vote" one of their classmates out of class, calling him "disgusting" (and also, less disturbingly, "annoying"). Even if he's a pain-in-the-ass five year old (which certainly can happen), it doesn't really seem like she created a "teachable moment" here. In fact, she sounds cruel and stupid. At best, she's an incompetent creep.

While I'm generally reluctant to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of internet rage, it seems (1) justified and (2) potentially effective in this case.

And my own (Bullet's) view.....Kids have a hard enough time dealing with classmates as it is, and as someone who, while never formally diagnosed, probably is an Aspberger's sufferer, this is so repellant to me that I want to vomit!!!

Edit.....I just emailed the superintendant with my views....who knows if that will make any diffence....
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