Taking fall pictures.....

Last night's full moon was incredible....too bad I don't now how to take low light pics/have lenses that can handle it yet!

This falcon chased the pigeons away....what is he?

Yes, I'm feeling morbid.....cemetary I walk by everyday on my way to and from the bus to work

Our Lady of the Cemetary....a tree outside the fence of the Holladay Cemetary....

Mist rising off of the Little Cottonwood in the early fall morning...

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BPAL-what I have list

Because I probably should...Behind cut due to excessive length!

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*=particular favorites (this is not to say that the un-starred ones AREN'T favorites....just that these are the biggies so far)


General Catalog (am including the Gaiman scents, but not Carnival Diabolique):

Fenris Wolf (I only have 1/3 of this left-time for more!) *
Zombi *
Shub Niggurath*
Brisingamen *
Snake Oil *
Mr. Ibis *
Mr. Nancy (1 imp in bottle)
War (1 imp in bottle) given to friend
Crowley (1 imp in bottle)
Tristran (1 imp in bottle)
The Witch Queen (about 2 1/2 imps in bottle)*

Limited Editions

The Moons-
Wolf Moon 07
Red Moon 07
Milk Moon 07
Hunger Moon 07
Blue Moon 07
Hungry Ghost Moon 07
Bitter Moon 06
Pink Moon 07 *
Singing Moon 07*

Allison Gross (1 imp in bottle)
The Gibbous Moon *
The Sportive Sun (1 imp in bottle) given to friend
Poisson D'Avril
Minotaur (1 and 1/2 bottles)*
The Brides of Dracula *
Smut 06 (1 and 2/3 bottles) *
Smut 07
Glasya (ressurrected) traded
Mi-Go Brain Canister (and squishy brain) *
Monsterbait: Closet *
Monsterbait: Underpants *
The Haunted Palace *
13 (white label-don't know what date this was released) *
13 (orange label-10/06) *
13 (purple label 4/07)
13 (pink label 7/07)
Beltane 06
Litha 06
All Souls 06
Pumpkin Queen (1 and 1/2 bottles) *
Yule 06
Gypsy Queen*
Snake Charmer (pending---being sent from UK)* 

The Carnival Diabolique:
Midnight on the Midway (2 bottles)*
The Candy Butcher *
Hope (the Siamese Twin)*
The Wild Men of Jezirat at Tennyn (2 imps in bottle)*
Australian Copperhead*

Okay (WHEW!) on to the imps. These are at various levels from full to sniffie

I'm not breaking them up into categories-

De Sade
Water of Notre Dame
Black Forest
The Isle of Demons
Centzon Totochtin
Embalming Fluid
Jazz Funeral
The Lady of Shallot
Anne Bonny
Hell's Belle
Lucy's Kiss
Queen Mab
Titus Andronicus
Robin Goodfellow
Queen Gertrude
Hope *
Faith *
Old Morocco
The Hanging Gardens
Thunder Moon 07
Mad Sweeney
Hollywood Babylon
Dragon's Milk
Dragon's Reverie
Dragon's Bone
Dragon's Eye
French Love
Love Me
Miskatonic University
The Raven
Wolf's Bane
Black Rose
Black Opal
Blood Amber
House of Night
Dove's Heart
Rose Cross
Wings of Azrael
Red Devil
Kuang Shi
Baohban Sith
Old Scratch
Tiresias, the Androgyne
Wulric, the Wolfman
Kataniya, the Clockwork Woman
Zarita, the Doll Girl
Meskhenet, the Vulture Maiden
Priala, the Human Phoenix
Isaac, the Living Skeleton
Thalassa, the Galapagos Mermaid
Torture King
Pink Pheonix
Jonathan Harker
Rose Red
Flower Moon
Danse Macabre
Les Infortunes De La Vertu
Death on a Pale Horse
Black Annis
Golden Priapus
Musica Universalis: Uranus
Dana O'Shee
La Fee Verte
Carfax Abbey
Count Dracula
Sugar Skull 06
Lick It 05
Peacock Queen*
Buck Moon
The Masque
Chaos Theory DCCXXV
Chaos Theory MCLXXXV
Monsterbait: Underbed
Jacob's Ladder
Red Lantern
Monsterbait: BiggerCritter
Bad Luck Woman Blues
Samhain 06
Herr Drosselmeyer
Black Moon
Schwarzter Mond*
Peony Moon
Beaver Moon
Fire Pig
Rose Moon 07
C13: Lydia
C13: Shanghai Tunnel
C13: Unheavenly City
C13: Crumpet Rebellion
Snake Charmer *
Asp Viper
Australian Copperhead *
Banded Sea Snake
Coral Snake
Death Adder
Green Tree Viper
King Cobra
Saw-Scaled Viper
Temple Viper
Western Diamondback
Anaconda (teensy sniffie)
Faiza the Black Mamba
The Oblation
Two, Five and Seven
The Emanthides
Singing Moon
Moon Rose

And that would be all of them so far.....I've had a few others....some that didn't work on me and some that I was persuaded to trade or gift...I had a bunch of the Mad Teaparty, but gifted them to someone :-) 

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BPAL wishlist post

By request....:-D

Hmmmmm.....Well.....my favorites.....these are ones I have but adore...so if you know other scents that are similiar I'd probably love them.

13 (all versions) -- I have big bottles of white label, orange label and purple label

The Candy Butcher -- Just got a couple of bottles of this. Yum!

Shub Niggurath-- Just got my second lab bottle of this. My bottle is the current GC, but I have an imp of the earlier Shub and I love it also.

Snake Oil -- A standard. Love it!

Zombi -- Love a good rose scent and this is so odd and yet yummy to me.

Brinsingamen -- Love amber....adore it!!! (and carnation!)

Minotaur -- Have enough decants coming to make up a full bottle, but since this is an LE I'd be willing to have more!

Fenris Wolf -- Another standard for me. The first scent I knew I had to have in a big bottle. My bottle is getting low so more would be nice ;-)

MonsterBait: Underpants-- I scored a mostly full bottle for a really decent price (plus got the cutest stuffed bottle holder EVER handmade by the seller!!!) I'd love more, but I know its a longshot!

Schwarzer Mond-- Love my little decant....would like more!! Please!!

Hope and Faith --I've partial decants....would like more! (edit*have a full bottle of Hope on the way....:-) )

More Bilquis, Spider, Mr. Nancy and Mr Ibis-- (have partial decants)

I've a decant circle of the Snake Pit and my favs are Australian Copperhead, Temple Viper and Fazia the Black Mamba (yeah, I know she isn't technically part of the "pit", but she was included in the circle) I know y'all are mad for Anaconda, but my little sniffie didn't move me THAT much!!LOL! Could take more Australian Copperhead....I scored one of the empties from the circle of that and so have a nice little home for any new impies of it I might get (don't want to put the decant circle imp in there since hayet did such a phenominal job with the labels!! (seriously folks....if you have the chance to do a decant circle with her take it! She rocks!!!)

Ones I'd love to try and don't have.....
Les Bijoux...I had an imp and gave it to a co-worker for his girlfriend, but I love it!
Cheshire Cat
Most of the "Moon"s (I've got Hungry Ghost Moon, Wolf Moon, Rose Moon, Blue Moon, Pink Moon, Buck Moon, Fire Pig, Milk Moon 07--ick!, Have Hunger Moon on the way and likely getting a decant of Chrysanthemum Moon soon)
Order of the Dragon scents (I've got a decant of Count Dracula and a sniffie of Carfax Abby and I have a big bottle of Brides of Dracula which I adore, but would like to try the others)
Any of the Dogs Playing Poker salon scents
Any of the salon scents period
The new Monsterbaits (Tokoyo Stomp, Bloody Mary, Ventriloquist's Dummy, --have a decant of Bigger Critters.)
The old Monsterbaits (Underbed, Closet)--I have decants of both of these now.....NEED MORE!!!!!!!!! (foody yumminess!)Especially Closet! I adore Closet!!
The Hesperides
The other pagan holidays (I've got Beltane, Litha and a decant of Samhain)
Midnight on the Midway
Gennivre, L'Artiste du Diable
(Okay, okay.....probably ALL of the Carnivale Diabolique LOL! At least as imps to start...I know there are some I'll adore!*edit....have decants of all of the act III CDs on the way.)

I'm particularly interested in more foody scents, especially cakey ones that have some sort of fruit or berry (like Closet!!)

I know I have more wants, but I'll have to go browse the forum to remind myself....

Notes I LOVE.....amber, patchouli, musks, sandalwood, frankincense, vanilla, carnation, iris, rose, moss/dirt, some violets, citrus, bergamot, saffron, some chocolates (The Candy Butcher is very, very good, but Bliss and Velvet are too dusty and not deep enough), ginger, pumpkin (well, I know Pumpkin Queen and Jack are good! Haven't tried the other Pumpkin Patch scents yet.) Nag Champa, honey

Notes that most often do not work on me....almond (unless it vanishes quickly as in Bilquis) and cedarwood (can't wear Tombstone), Cinnamon (allergic!!!!! Love Bakeneko, but it makes me wheeze and break out in a rash!!) Cardamom doesn't make me allergic like cinnamon, but it DOES tend to take over a scent! (case in point...I love how Enraged Groundhog Musk smells in the bottle but on me it turns completely cardamom with none of the foody yumminess the bottle smell promises....*pout*)

Some aquatics are okay. Would like to try more cream/milk scents and more fruit scents as I have not enough experience with them to know which I love yet.

Hope that helps those who have been wondering a bit....
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Bpal madness

In other words.....I'll have more than plenty to let folks sniff at the meet n sniff party when we finally solidify plans for one.....(cradles head in hands...."what have I DONE!!")

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I think I need to stop now...though buying imps isn't too pricey....especially if you keep your eye out for good deals....but, yeah, need to stop now until I work my way through the current crop.
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Most interesting foreign body scope!!!

x-posted to vet_tech

So this morning at about 5am I got a call from a woman who had been woken up by her cat's extreme gagging/meowing sounds. The cat was foaming at the mouth and drool was all over her apartment. I reccommended they bring the kitty in right away! When the kitty arrived he was making very odd gagging/gurgling noises. The owners were concerned that he had possibly ingested a toxin, but they couldn't think of anything he could have gotten into.....

Dr. M asked for a lateral x-ray of Yoshi's (the kitty) throat. This is what we saw on the first x-ray.....

For the rest of the story....(HEAVY PICTURE POST.....Dial-up beware!!!!!) go behind cut....

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Not friends locked per request of someone who wanted to link for friends education...;-D
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Women's Erotic arts Formal Tea Party

The date has been set for the Women's Formal Tea. It will be Saturday May 12 at 2pm at Lady J's house.

The formal tea, for those who don't know, is where women (and men in feminine persona) can meet to read erotica and share erotic artwork while indulging in tea, coffee, tea-time foods and good company.

Required dress is formal and/or a nice spring dress, hats and gloves for femme girls and men in feminine persona. Women of the more masculine persuasion may dress in formal masculine attire (including kilts).

At this time I am still looking for those willing to help provide foods and/or formal tea serving skills. We have the teas and the tea services (dishware), but we need those who find joy in serving others to dress up as french/english maids/butlers and serve the tea.

RSVP me here if you are interested in attending/helping with food/ serving.