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Evil Deeds

Friends Only--Darlings!!!!

28 November 1968
Friends Only due to a few bad apples....Sorry!!!--if you have a desire to be my friend let me know and I'll add you.

My bpal feedback post is here http://community.livejournal.com/bpal_feedback/146737.html#cutid1

I'm a 38 yo bi-femme living in Salt Lake City. I'm interested in bdsm as a switch and have had experience in full time living as both a submissive and a domme. Was involved in the local bdsm scene for 10 years, but have backed off due to personal time issues and other things. :-) My bill paying job is as an ER veterinary technician. I've worked at the same animal hospital for 12 1/2 years now(recently quit to go work at my old ER doctor's new daytime practice in South Jordan). I LOVE taking pictures, occassionally writing, and buying, trading and wearing BPAL perfume oils. I'm owned by a lab mix dog and two cats.

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User Number: 6195883
Date Created:02/20/05
Number of Posts: 1093

A package of paradoxes.....Bullet can be soft, yet hard; sarcastic, cynical and jaded, yet innocent and naive. Peroxide blonde (subject to change color at whim) short hair, green eyes and fair skin. LOTS of curves. Her breasts are legendary in her community, yet she has the same insecurities about her looks that everyone else does.
Strengths: Fierce loyalty to honest friends, sees through bullshit, cute in an alternative way, good eye for photographic images, intuitive, well read, honest, naughty, talented....good singing voice and artist (though rarely shares those aspects of herself with others)
Weaknesses: Stubborn, obsessive/compulsive, lazy, not always diplomatic, broke, fondness for alcohol and cheap women....lol!
Special Skills: Veterinary nurse skills, writing (well, its what I went to college for), theatre (ditto), singing, bdsm skills (if your over 18 years old feel free to ask what that means), amatuer photographer skills.
Weapons: Dire sarcasm, berserker rage, allies of like type. Oh, and pagan curses.
Motto: Unfold your own myth--Rumi

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Trent is Love

I made a community!!!!!! Come join flower_pics !!!!! For pictures you've taken of flowers you love or just to see the pretty pretties others have taken...

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